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See why advertisers trust ConvertEvent to connect and align data across websites, point of sale, apps, and CRM.

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Grow retargeting pools, increase event visibility, track deep funnel events, and enable better optimizations of ad campaigns with ConvertEvent.

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Offload Development Effort

Save time with our low-code install and no maintenance required.

Unlike CAPI-direct integration solutions, we handle the up front complexity and ongoing maintenance so that you can focus on your business. There’s only one line of code required to install ConvertEvent, and we’ll even tell you where to put it.

  • Keep your dev team focused on what they do best.
  • We handle the complexity so that you don’t have to.
  • No server maintenance, API updates, or security alerts.

“ConvertEvent has allowed us to rapidly implement Facebook Conversions API for our clients without requiring any development overhead.”

Corey DubeauVP Strategy, Northern Commerce

Align your Platforms

Understand how your ad spend is contributing to all sales channels, including offline conversions.

ConvertEvent not only optimizes data collection on your website, we also support in mobile app and offline CRM/POS conversions. Get the full picture of your ad performance by connecting your data.

  • Attribute offline purchase data to your ad campaigns, automatically.
  • Dismantle data silos in your organization and get aligned.
  • Create an integrated data architecture across all systems.

“Using the Conversions API has strengthened the performance of our Facebook ads campaigns by tracking the account's performance more accurately. This has helped the Facebook algorithm find better traffic, generating incremental purchases at an improved cost per action.

Roxanne HermelingPerformance Marketing Manager, tentree

Improve ROAS

Increase retargeting audience with up to 40% more pixel data.

Instantly grow your retargeting pool to reach more of your highest converting audience. ConvertEvent is able to reveal missing data for key events, allowing the algorithm to further optimize campaigns.

  • Drive better ad performance and grow your revenue.
  • Make better advertising decisions with full-funnel visibility.
  • Prepare your business for the cookieless future.

“ConvertEvent's CAPI implemented increased our conversions volume by over 9% in our multi-cell test.”

Julian ReicheSenior Manager, Performance Marketing, Clearly

Let’s talk numbers, shall we?

Our customers get results.

tentree achieved a 12% increase in Facebook attribution

Facebook Attribution


Lower cost per action


Clearly increased their conversions volume by over 9% and got up and running in a week as opposed to months of internal development time.


Boathouse increased their conversions volume by over 14% and strengthened their Event Match Quality by over 40%.


Canada Pooch increased their conversions volume by over 21% and strengthened their 1st party data strategy for upcoming privacy changes.

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Comparing CAPI solutions?

See why ConvertEvent is the best choice and how we compare to other popular solutions.

ConvertEvent vs Direct CAPI

While doing a direct integration with Conversions API is a common approach, these can take 100-300 development hours for the initial setup. Additionally, an in-house development team is needed to maintain and update the code into the future when Facebook introduces API changes.

ConvertEvent handles this setup and ongoing maintenance so that you can get up and running with CAPI in days, not weeks/months, and remain focused on your business.

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ConvertEvent vs Facebook’s Solutions

Over the past few months, Facebook has introduced two of their own CAPI solutions. These are called Conversions API Gateway and Google Tag Manager (Server-side). While these mitigate the development effort of a direct integration, they do not perform well against certain ad blockers, resulting in continued data loss. Additionally, you are still responsible for setting up an Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud account and the ongoing hosting/maintenance costs of those servers.

ConvertEvent solves this through a proprietary integration method that ensures more accurate data capture and we also detect and resolve issues with your base pixel, so that you are guaranteed to have a successful installation.

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ConvertEvent vs Third-Party Solutions

There are a number of 3rd party CAPI solutions in market, each with their own pros and cons. In general, we find these solutions are mostly focused on CAPI-adjacent issues and are not specialized on improving conversion data through CAPI. Additionally, none of the solutions offer expert-level integration support or ongoing performance reporting.

ConvertEvent’s team of experts is our key differentiator. Not only does our software solution stand above the rest, but we’re with you every step of the way to ensure that the setup is flawless and you’re kept informed of ongoing industry and technology changes.

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First-Class Support

Don’t go it alone

We have helped industry-leading eCommerce companies accelerate their ad performance with our simple, but powerful CAPI solution. Now it’s your turn to follow suit!

When you choose ConvertEvent, you’ll have the partnership, expertise, and technology needed to drive measurable results. We’re here to answer any question and help every step of the way.

“ConvertEvent has a customer-first mindset. They accommodated goeasy’s needs and often went the extra mile.”

Jae LeeSenior Paid Performance Analyst, GoEasy

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