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Eligible startups get all ConvertEvent starter package features at a highly discounted rate. Get started with with up to 10k pixel events for free!

The Benefits

What can ConvertEvent do for you?

The Facebook / Meta pixel is no longer sufficient to pass conversion event data alone, making it difficult for advertisers like yourself to maximize and optimize ad performance. ConvertEvent mitigates this by allowing pixel data to pass through an alternative server-side route directly to Facebook’s Conversion API.

We help your business:
  • Save development time and resources with our low-code install and no maintenance
  • Optimize data collection on your website and get a full picture of your ad performance with connected online and offline data
  • Instantly grow your retargeting pool to reach more of your highest converting audience
  • Access to the partners, expertise and technology needed to drive results.

Program Details

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible startups receive access to all ConvertEvent starter package features, including guidance from our CAPI experts. Before you apply, there are a few prerequisites to ensure you qualify for the program.

New Customer
  • No previous subscriptions
Small Team
  • Fewer than 50 employees
Early Stage
  • Less than $10MM in revenue
Low Events Volume
  • Fewer than 1MM pixel events

Usage-Based Discounts

As pixel events increase, your starter package discount will adjust accordingly to a different tier.

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Starter Package

Up to 10k pixel events

Off Starter

Up to 100k pixel events

Off Starter

Up to 250k pixel events

Off Starter

Up to 1MM pixel events

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