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Implementing ConvertEvent’s solution is proven to drastically decrease development effort, optimize online and offline conversions and increase retargeting audiences.

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How it works

Your simple solution to improve ad performance

Step 1

Register Website

The registration process begins with your ConvertEvent subscription. Head over to the pricing page to pick your plan and get started. If you aren’t sure which plan makes the most sense for your business, book a demo with our team.

Step 2

Install script

The installation process requires two simple updates. First, we’ll provide you with a DNS record to update with your domain registrar. Second, we’ll provide you with a JS snippet to install on your website. That’s it!

Step 3

Verify Data

Once the DNS records propagate and you’ve installed the script, you should begin seeing both browser and server data flowing into Facebook’s Events Manager. Our CAPI experts will help verify the data and spot any inconsistencies.

Let’s talk numbers, shall we?

Our customers get results

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Average increase in conversion data seen by ConvertEvent customers.


Average improvement of event match quality on purchase events.


Average development / debugging hours saved vs direct integration.

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Get the full picture of your ad performance by connecting your data and improve ROAS.

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Boost your client’s ad performance with a simple, low-code solution that increases pixel data.

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A Premium Solution

See why we’re superior to direct CAPI integrations

Plays nicely with your web platform

Since ConvertEvent leverages your existing pixel setup, it is compatible with all web platforms. With a single line of code (GTM or code install), you’ll be up and running.

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