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Facebook Business Solutions recently announced ConvertEvent as one of only two Canadian companies accepted into the comprehensive Accelerator training program. The exclusive opportunity includes access to intensive training on Facebook’s myriad of products and technologies, a chance to connect with global Facebook experts, and an ability to network with diverse, forward-thinking peers in the startup community.

Accepted organizations were selected by an international panel of Facebook experts, who were consulted to identify startups poised to provide value to small and medium businesses by means of an innovative product.

Leveraging Facebook Solutions to Power Evolution

As a part of the Facebook Accelerator program, ConvertEvent will develop tools to deliver more advanced solutions for today’s Facebook advertisers. The 12-week virtual curriculum will provide technical support and product education surrounding all Facebook apps, ultimately equipping ConvertEvent with the experience and knowledge to deliver more accurate attribution analysis for clients. In order to simplify the installation of Facebook’s Conversions API solution, ConvertEvent offers a server-side implementation requiring no additional development overhead or maintenance. This allows brands to benefit from marketing data powering more intentional ad targeting, decreased cost per conversion, and better attribution measurement without the barriers presented by browser tracking prevention technology.

In addition to fostering a better understanding of Conversions API and other Facebook solutions such as Facebook Business Extension and Business App, the Accelerator program also provides key insights into technology that Facebook is investing in, as well as connections to investors. This will enable the ConvertEvent team to ensure solutions are equipped to perform with the evolving technological landscape.

Maximizing ad performance for brands contributes to higher profitability—ConvertEvent delivers better results via increased retargeting pools, event visibility, and tracking of deep funnel events. The improved understanding of customer interactions on digital platforms allows our clients to better optimize advertising strategies, driving enhanced results and seeing higher ROI.

For more information about ConvertEvent, book a demo here.

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